Thursday, January 27, 2011

Extreme Engineering

Use Case: simulate microphone configuration for purposes of practicing guitar/vocals with microphone in front of face.

System Diagram

Component functions to be described in the following section.


Component: Incense stick
Function: Simulate microphone

Component: Pen, tied to golf club with broken, not-being-used headphones
Function: Ability to rotate pen, thus adjusting height and angle of attached incense (see above)
Benefit: Increased customizability; ergonomic advantage

Component: Textbooks ('Physics for Scientists and Engineers'; 'Probability and Statistics for Engineers & Scientists'; 'Operations Research'; '1001 Essential Family Favorites')
Engineering Function: Increase height of music instruction manual 
Benefit: Improve operator's ability to read instruction manual

Component: Pitching wedge, Tuck Tape
Engineering Function: Microphone stand
Benefit: Accurate simulation of microphone stand

Component: Swively chair
Engineering Function: Maximization of swiviliness
Benefit: Increased customizability; ergonomic advantage 

Component: Hand
Engineering Function: Curling action of phalanges creates force necessary to alter sound frequency
Benefit: Music sound good

Future improvements to include second apparatus at higher level to allow operator to alternate between sitting and standing positions; lighting mechanism on incense stick to improve system odour; replace pitching wedge with 3 iron to increase range of apparatus; bionic hand to decrease hand fatigue.


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  1. Dave, you make me laugh =)Definitely you should look into a bionic hand. Just what everyone needs. :)